Friday, March 28, 2014

Welcome to the PA People's Campaign

John Hanger today announced the launch of a new advocacy organization, the Pennsylvania People's Campaign, to press for the defeat of Governor Corbett and support the transformational public policies that Pennsylvania sorely needs.  
"When I withdrew as a candidate I stated that I would continue to fight for the issues we raised in the campaign and that resonated with people across the state" said Hanger.  "Through the Pennsylvania People's Campaign, we will be able to support the transformational changes for which Pennsylvanians hunger."
This transformational agenda will initially focus on policies to combat economic injustice, promote clean and sustainable energy, rebuild quality public education, bring forth a New Birth of Freedom that includes reform of Pennsylvania's unjust and outmoded marijuana laws, and restore integrity in government.
Hanger said defeating Corbett is the first necessary step, but then the work continues.  "We have four excellent Democratic candidates, one of whom will be the next Governor of Pennsylvania," said Hanger.  "We intend to be a source of support for the next Governor to transform Pennsylvania."
The Pennsylvania People's Campaign will combine communications, research and public mobilization to advocate for a progressive policy agenda.  Platforms will include social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, this blog page, as well as publication of white-papers, news releases and interviews.  Mobilization initiatives will draw on the network of almost 10,000 supporters of the Hanger campaign for Governor.
Hanger will serve as Chairman of the Pennsylvania People's Campaign, and will be a regular contributor to its communications output.  Other senior members and supporters of the Hanger campaign for Governor will also contribute regularly.


  1. Mr. Hanger, you were the only candidate for governor who was willing to promise to stand behind and work to implement universal, single payer, cradle to the grave, healthcare for all. However, you did not mention this in your much welcomed letter introducing the PA People's Campaign. Please do not allow this important issue to slip between the cracks. It has been needed badly for many decades.

    We are the only one of the 78 industrialized nations on earth to deny our citizens some sort of universal helathcare. It is immoral and stupid for the richest country in the world to continue to stuff the pockets of the insanely rich at the cost of denying legitimate healthcare to all citizens. PA's Single Payer Senate Bill 400 is stellar. It is only about 28 pgs and easy to read and understand. I highly encourage all readers of this post to check it out.

    It is the cheapest, most effective, most easily administered, and most humane healthcare plan out there. Obamacare is an improvement over the horrific system we had before; but it still puts all the power and money into the pockets of the health insurance and phamaceutical cartels, there are still millions of Americans denied access to the plan, and it is very complicated and bureaucraticlly top heavy.

    It seems highly unlikely that single payer will be addressed at the federal level; but PA could lead the way for other states to implement their own single payer programs. Once the citizens across the USA see how easy, efficient, necessary, cheap, and workable single payer is in PA, everyone, across party and geographic lines, will be clamoring for it. We'll be national heroes!

    In the long run it will save billions of healthcare dollars. There is absolutely not one good reason for the existence of health insurance companies. They exist solely for the purpose of raking in billions in profits by charging outrageous membership fees and then denying as much patient care as they can get away with.

    It is far past time to do the right thing for our citizens. Let's get started.

  2. I agree, single payer needs to be part of any agenda for real change in our state.

    Fortunately, Health Care for All PA, founded by another progressive candidate who went on to a prominent role in speaking for citizens' real needs, 2006 US Senate candidate Chuck Pennacchio, has been advancing the single payer cause. In addition, one lieutenant governor candidate, Brad Koplinski, is promoting single payer, and a primary victory by him would be an excellent omen for health care reform in Pennsylvania.

    Among the issues mentioned by John Hanger above, economic injustice, to me, includes the injustice of Americans being bankrupted and losing their homes because of medical expenses, and integrity in government includes our right to a government which has not been purchased by special interests like insurance companies.

  3. I welcome John's announcement of this new advocacy organization and the opportunity to continue the conversation about detailed progressive policy initiatives for Pennsylvania. P. J. Frederick and politicswestchesterview present the strong case for single payer health care that was a key plank in John's campaign. I believe that PA Peoples Campaign will advocate for single payer too. Aside from spurring the economy by saving Pennsylvanians $17 billion a year while covering everyone (see Jerry Friedman's Economic Impact Study at and adding at least 120,000 jobs, single payer will save lives and reduce suffering.

    Bob Mason
    Health Care 4 All PA

  4. I'm glad to see you're back. I'll be sure to let others that were excited by your ideas and policies as a candidate know you're leading the people's campaign and haven't just stepped aside.- Kathy Albright, Cumb Cty, PA

    Kathleen Albright

  5. When John was a candidate he went fishing for support of Singlepayer. My impression is that he found very little. Healthcare4allpa seemed oblivious. Were you even aware of Hanger's position? You came out with a report on the canidate's Healthcare positions after Hanger dropped out-nice going. Other candidates have noted this and as a result of Hanger's failure to maintain his candidacy will be less willing, not more willing to support Single-Payer.

  6. The irony is that many single payer supporters are dealing with the inequities of the current healthcare system. Battling insurance companies, caring for sick family members or friends, struggling against mountains of medical debt; all this leaves little time or money to contribute to change. But single payer supporters do vote....

  7. Hi Thomas,

    Health Care 4 All PA was very aware of John's support for single payer, John attended our Strategy Retreat in the fall of 2013 to discuss his candidacy and policy positions (which were favorably received), and he received technical advice from our Executive Director, Chuck Pennacchio. A number of individual members worked for the campaign--collecting petition signatures, expressing support at Democratic State Committee, even making his nomination speech (Rosie Skomitz)--and made financial contributions. Finally, we educated our members about his position on single payer.

    Like you we were saddened and frustrated when he announced his withdrawal from the race. We understood his rationale. Many of our members favor public financing of elections so that money isn't pivotal to success and doesn't undermine democracy.

    We are excited about this new advocacy group and look forward to working with John and others to move our Commonwealth in a more socially and economically just and sustainable direction.